About the company

The story of Omnibuz Labs began in 2016 with love and passion for technology. Omnibuz Labs evolve as a product development company with the crust of modern technology.  We are a small team of developers with a heart for service, and a knack for solving problems and that helps Omnibuz to write stories from ideas. 

Who Are We

A small team with a huge passion.We believe in reciprocity and giving back to our community.

Our Mission

We bring big-picture and brass-tacks thinking to your small business. We help companies tell their story and deliver real value with their products.

What We Do

From Concept to Product. We transform big ideas into outstanding digital products, primarily within the Lifestyle, Utility and Finance industries 

Meet the team

Tanmoy Khanra

Founder & Crust With Idea

Mimi Paul

Tech Lead & Knowledge seeker

Avisek tunga

Product Designer & Mountain Trekker