Clients are becoming ever more demanding, and use many channels – whether they are shopping, searching for information, asking for service or carrying out transactions. It will therefore become important for enterprises to develop an integrated multi channel strategy that includes both the human-based and the electronic channels.

We provide services that matches our client’s expectations by increasing their profitability and competitive advantage, and also makes them future ready.

B2B apps

We develop mobile apps for B2B business models for order management, product delivery, accounts maintenance to sales performance monitoring.


Manage raw material inventory and track inventory usage for fulfilling orders via our B2B Sourcing Mobile Apps and Web Solutions.

Business. Brand. Hospitality.


Build apps for table and real-estate space bookings for your Real-Estate, Restaurant and Hospitality Businesses.


Retain your customers by developing a fully customizable, omnichannel Loyalty App designed for maximum conversion.

Lifestyle. Travel. IoT.

Club Management Apps

Manage Member Accounts, Membership, Meetings, Events and Discussions for Clubs and Committees in Housing Societies and Business with Corporate Social Responsibility.

Chat & Forums for Businesses

Group, P2P Chats for Businesses, Clubs or Communities. Post Projects for volunteers, events for members and compare member's participation and activity.

Apps for Travel Agencies

Mobile apps and websites for agencies and groups providing travel and tourism services for the crowd. Manage Tour Plans, itinerary, trip payments and expense statistics from our tour manager mobile app.

Family Security

We build mobile apps which connect to your IoT devices(like Light, Sensors, Camera, Thermostats), Alexa and wearables to transmit and receive needful data and media to keep you updated and secure about your home and premises.

Sports. Adventure. Hobby.​

Sport is health, sport is a hobby, and sport is life. As it is these days, more and more entrepreneurs and investors concentrate on this industry, since the sports apps turned out to be the second fastest growing app category in the world.

Real time news & ScoreS

Despite the fact that almost every city and town has its enterprise sports complex, fans appreciation long ago shifted towards sports mobile games and sports news apps.

manage Team and leagues

More and more trainers are turning to mobile apps to manage their team and leagues. Sports enthusiasts also find these apps helpful to keep track of their schedules and performance.

app for hobbyists

Hobbyists like Bird Watchers, Photographers, Sports agencies, trekkers and gardeners are moving to their mobile apps to keep up with their hobbies and mange their work & lifestyle.

app for wearables

Building an IOT app that communicates with an external device is tricky. For proper communication between the app and the device, a lot of factors must be taken care of which is where we come in.




Are you a manufacturer or a service provider for the Supply Chain? Gather real-time-data about your asset’s location and use with RFID technologies, supporting you to make real-time analysis and decisions based on real-time data.

Reducing reliance on human interaction to read and process data can reduce the amount of errors incurred. Using RFID technology you can achieve an automated process that reduces human errors and improves efficiency, data quality and trust in decisions.

If you own a business where your products are fluid in nature, you must have suffered from manual flow measurements to track usage of your product. Instead of using paper forms when meter reading out in the field, our flow measurement app tracks all the details electronically connected to a flow sensor with the pipeline.

Tracking these details makes it easy to evaluate the efficiency of different fluid supply locations. Flow meter reports can be customized to meet the needs of your fluid supply flow records.

Ecommerce | Mobile | Exchange


Wallet for Banking with Merchants​

Mobile apps and web applications with wallet management, card management, banking features with merchants accepting Fiat or Cryptocurrency payments from your Company.

Cryptocurrency Wallet and DApps​

We help clients experience the potential of Blockchain Technology. From smart contracts to Centralized or Decentralized exchange applications, we can help businesses stay on the competitive edge in the decentralized world.


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