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Native Mobile App Development in each plan!

3x your conversion rate on mobile and boost your revenue with Omnibuz's Shopify Mobile App Plans. Our dedicated success program will drive value to maximize your returns.


For Shopify Business with <300 Live Products

Time to Market

1 Week



For Shopify Business with <2000 Live Products. 

Time to Market

1-2 Weeks


Unlimited UI & API customizations. Dedicated Account Manager.

Time to Market

1-2 Month

Detailed Plan-wise Feature Comparison

Onboarding Charges Applicable for all Pricing Plans.




Must Have Features

Native Android & iOS apps

Sales per month

< $5K /mo

< $50K /mo

> $50K /mo

Real-time sync with Shopify

Customer Profile/Account

Order History

Favorites / Wishlist

Deep linking

Social login

OTP-less Login

Login with phone number

Order Tracking

Branding and design

Brand Specific Themes

Font Customisation

Primary Collections

Sub Collections

Animated launch screen

Instagram feed integration

App installs and traffic

Website Customization

App install prompter

Firebase Analytics

Facebook ads (Meta) integration

Customer Engagement

Order Update Push Notifications

Scheduled Promo Notifications

Discount & Deals Notifications

Abandoned cart notifications


Promotion Banner

Product Labels

App-only discounts

Cross-Selling Recommendations

Alert Me! Restock Alerts

Video widgets (for product drops)

Countdown timer (for product drops)

Cart Customization

Add to cart Button

Limit Product Addition Rules

Custom discount logic

Coupons & Voucher Settings

Checkout & Shipping

Product Add, Reduce, Remove

Guest Checkout

Shipping Options Integration

Display tax information

Payment Options

Shopify Express Checkout

Multiple Payment Option Setup

Local Payment Gateway Integration

Product Discovery

Product Search Suggestions

Product Options Filtering

Product Sort

Advanced Multilingual Search

Product Details Page

Product Videos in Gallery

Upselling Product Suggestions

Best Fit Size Charts & Size Guides

Product Reviews by Shopify

Image & Video Reviews


Multiple currency support

Multiple language support

Arabic and Hebrew support (RTL support)

Language-specific images

Customer Support

Email Support

Live chat support

Trusted by Growing Ecommerce Businesses

We unearth and resolve ailing problems to increase mobile conversions for Shopify Business.

We were stuck with a broken mobile app generated from a reputed mobile app builder. We couldn’t find any other company that could offer the same features at such a price point for our mobile app, same time to market, and make it as easy as Omnibuz!

Founder, A Leading Clothing & Accessories Store in Yemen

Frequently Asked Questions

I already have an app. Can I still use Omnibuz?

Absolutely! You can invite us to your developer accounts and we'll bring all your current users to the new app.

How do I cancel my subscription?

We really hope it won't come to this point, but if you wish to do so, you can stop your subscription by mailing us. We will process your cancellation by filling a short survey form, and will stop all services related your mobile app and unpublish your mobile app from App Store & Play Store.

Can I switch plans later?

If you feel you that your Shopify app need additional features or you have upgraded to Shopify Plus, you can upgrade anytime you want. Shopify Plus Accounts have separate services, your apps in App Store and Play Store need to be updated after the upgrade.

How will I get charged for my subscription?

We will share with you a Subscription Link where you will be able to view your Subscription Plan, Recurring & Fixed Costs. Monthly fee for Omnibuz subscription will be reflected on the monthly Invoice sent to your email registered with us. We do not ask for credit cards details whatsoever.

Are there any extra cost apart from the subscription fee?

Yes, all plans require Apple Developer ($99/year) and Google Play Developer ($25, one-time fee) accounts in order to publish your mobile app. You pay the mentioned amounts directly to Apple and Google. Apart from this you have to pay installation charges before onboarding, and other addon charges based on customisations required in the mobile app and your Shopify Website.

When will I get charged for my subscription?

You will start to get charged monthly once 60-day trial end according to your billing cycle. Even if you start a plan in the middle of trial period, you will benefit free period until the 60-day trial ends.

Does Omnibuz effect the speed of my online store?

No, not at all! Omnibuz services are directly connected with Shopify's backend. So, it has zero effect on your online store.

Release your Mobile App in under a Fortnight

Our team of Shopify and Mobile App experts will help you every step of the way. From Shopify configuration, app setup, theme customization, to an app download roadmap, and even push notification planning.