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Addon Services for your Customised Shopify Mobile App that can help you  personalize the customer experience and stay true to your Brand Identity and Generate Sales from your mobile app.

Homepage Customisations

Customize your Homepage based on your Marketing Strategy. Show Featured Products and Categories, Multiple Promo Banners, Group of Products on Sale.

In-app Message Design

We have a plethora of designs for a variety of marketing campaigns and personalized strategies to engage with customers regularly.

Social Media Integration

We can integrate login from Apple, Google, Facebook, etc. for Smoother Onboarding. Additionally, customers can share product details to various Social Media Platforms.

Payment Gateway Integration

Integrate Payment Gateways available in your Country to enable seamless checkout process, thereby increasing conversion rates and boost number of completed purchases from mobile app.

Payment method integrations available with your Mobile App

Automated Marketing Panel

Streamline campaigns effortlessly, as our automated services handle everything from flash sales to personalized promotions. Enjoy a hassle-free admin experience, allowing you to set it and forget it.

Live Shopping Setup

Imagine your favorite influencers and savvy hosts bringing the hottest products to life, right before your eyes, in real-time. It's not just shopping; it's a live, interactive retail fiesta!

Customer Profiling

Host Quiz and Forms to collect user personal preferences. Automate user profiling to deliver personalized recommendations and deals.

Shipping API Integration

Setup region-specific shipping options, carriers, and delivery time estimates. Provide real-time order tracking to keep users informed about their purchases.

Shipping method integrations available for your Mobile App

Subscription Plans

With flexible subscription options, your customer is in control. Say goodbye to checkout hassles and hello to seamless, recurring orders.

User Analytics

Connect with analytics tools to track user behavior, preferences, and app performance to adjust marketing strategies accordingly.

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