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Personalized Customer Journeys

E-commerce personalization is a process that online retailers use to deliver personal interactions and experiences to visitors on their e-commerce sites. Personalization increases the likelihood of a sale because you are helping customers cut through the clutter and find exactly what they’re looking for.

We let you treat each customer like a VIP.

We use AI and machine learning-driven algorithms to track onsite behavior and customer data points in real-time to deliver a unique experience to each site visitor.


A personalized homepage has a lower bounce rate because the content is curated according to the shopper’s IP address, ensuring the language, currency and shipping costs match their location.


You can also set up triggers for cart abandonment to win back customers. Time-limited, personalized offers create a sense of urgency. Overlays are typically used to increase conversions by asking the visitor to enter an email address in exchange for a coupon, discount or free trial.

As consumers grow increasingly leery of how companies store and use their data, retailers have responded by enabling customers to opt into personalization by volunteering personal data and building their own “living profile.”


We provide Personalisation Strategies based on your customer's data:

  • Let customers enter various aspects about their body to recommend products that would be compatible with their body.
  • Send Automated Promotional Notifications based on Customer's  Life Events
  • Notify customers about the Sale in their Most-visited Collections


Fashion and Style Profile

Promo Offers on Life Events

Recommendation based on City

Home Page Recommendations

Deal based on Style Profile

Track Customer Search Behavior

Live Shopping

Live commerce in the Fashion Industry combines instant purchasing of a featured product and audience participation through a chat function or reaction buttons.

Omnibuz Provides Live Shopping Assistant to

  • Manage incoming orders during the live video
  • Hold Live Orders
  • Broadcast Offers on Video
  • Overlay Product Links for One-Click Purchase
  • View and Analyze your viewer demographics

Time-limited tactics such as one-off coupons can be used to generate a sense of urgency.


Companies report conversion rates approaching 30% — up to ten times higher than in conventional e-commerce.


Video Analytics

Broadcast In-Video Offers

One-Click Purchase In-Video Overlay

Live Orders from Comments

Incoming Live Order

Host Live Video in FB and Instagram

Upsells and Cross-selling

We utilize advanced technology to create a holistic customer experience that engages audiences at every touchpoint in your Shopping Mobile App.


A lot of effort is being made to increase the relevance of offers and help the shopper make smart choices.


You need to be smart about how and where you use these strategies. Even the best offers can fail if served at the wrong time and place. So, it is important to map your customer journey and make different offers at different touchpoints.


Enhance your customer’s online shopping journey with product recommendations for eCommerce success.

Omnibuz Stack Includes various upselling and cross-selling strategies:

  • Offering customers a discount or other incentive to upgrade to a higher-priced item
  • Displaying complementary items near products customers are viewing
  • Buy the look is a stellar example of cross-selling products. Displaying the products versatility while inspiring the shopper to add the whole look to cart.
  • Using data and analytics to recommend products based on a customer's past purchases or browsing history
  • Offering package deals for related items, such as a matching handbag and shoes
  • With Social Shopper, we can inspire your customers to ‘Shop the Gram’ and upsell your products seamlessly.


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