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When something is created just for you, keeping in mind your needs and desires, it’s bound to be more special than anything off the shelf.

Gone are the days when you had to try and test every cosmetic to figure out if it's right for you, your skin type or even your complexion. You had to purchase the product first and if it didn’t work, it was money down the drain.


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In the Beauty Industry, personal consultation and individual recommendations are an important part of product and service marketing. Hyper-personalization is all about curating or designing products that will specifically cater to your skin and hair types.

This may include asking you questions about your skin type, your food habits, your coloring techniques or even using your DNA to understand and tweak the ingredients for the products that your customer need or recommend skin and hair compatible products.

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The most obvious technological advancement that supports the personalization trend in beauty and personal care is the ongoing improvement of accessible and convenient communication between brand and consumer.

Transparent companies will let you decide for yourself how amazing their product is by letting the product speak for itself.


They will make sure you know exactly what you’re buying before you buy it.


Those who buy products from all-natural companies may be doing so for many potential reasons – they may want to clean up the environment, they may want to end animal cruelty, they may be vegan – and to deceive these people, thus forcing them to unknowingly violate their own commitments to a natural lifestyle, is insulting and wrong.


Even worse, people might be actively trying to avoid harsh chemicals and find more gentle products for potentially sensitive skin.


The next phase of the beauty industry requires embracing transparency without trepidation.

When brands aren’t transparent, their mistakes can cost those particular consumers weeks of repairing skin reactions, inflammation, and irritation.


The courage and willingness to show a little vulnerability can be a powerful tool in cultivating trust with consumers. Admitting when you’re wrong and being candid about not having all the answers isn’t a sign of weakness, but rather a display of authenticity that sets a brand apart.


Amidst of a second wave of the beauty industry’s lack of transparency, we are being forced to examine why brand reliability is important, and how the consumers can demand it of companies.


Trust establishes brand loyalty, and companies that are open and authentic, and help consumers understand their environmental impact, are uniquely positioned to build an unwavering customer base with the new generation of conscious consumer


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Shopper preferences for one product over another might also shift depending on any number of factors, from skin changes to the simple desire to try something new. 


Product recommendations are also hugely effective at improving conversion rates and driving up your order values. Recent studies show that browsers who engage with recommended products have a 70% higher conversion rate. 

When you combine this with the impact on order values from customers putting additional products in their cart, it’s plain to see how recommendations can grow an eCommerce brand.


Many beauty brands already have a product recommendation engine to upsell and cross-sell customers. However, many of these lack refinement in terms of relevancy, positioning, and effectiveness.

 Why beauty brands should make product recommendations a priority?

  • Beauty brands have extensive product catalogs. A recommendation engine can effectively pluck suggestions from the depths of a site.
  • Beauty sites tend to have lots of products that work well with each other. 
  •  Beauty brands have the added benefit of being able to cross-sell customers by suggesting additional products or upsell them by recommending a more premium choice. This creates multiple opportunities to increase revenue.
  • Beauty customers occasionally need guidance when it comes to making purchases. When programmed correctly, a product recommendation can provide assistance by making suitable recommendations, much like an in-store expert.


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What seemed to be a perk and luxury in a customer's shopping experience turned into a necessity.

According to surveys, about 76% of buyers get disappointed not being offered a personalized product recommendation or communication, with 72% expecting brands to have one.

Cosmetics businesses not implementing personalization interactions with their potential consumers risk getting 40% less revenue, worse conversion rates (tailored offers get 75% higher results), and increased cart abandonment rates.

However, introducing AI-powered virtual try-on services help beauty businesses offer hyper-personalized interaction in an entertaining form with tailored recommendations.


Whether the customers are looking for ideas for the perfect look or want to see exactly how a certain color or product will appear on their skin, virtual makeup try-on is the ideal way to explore cosmetics without having to physically go into a shop.


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