Sub Processors

Sub-processors are third-party businesses engaged by a processor for performing personal data processing on behalf of a controller. According to the GDPR, these companies are also accountable for protection of an individual’s personal data. Data protection obligations of sub-processors are to be established by way of contract or other legal acts under the Union or Member State law. This includes providing sufficient guarantees to implement appropriate technical and organizational measures as specified in the regulation.


Omnibuz uses sub-processors (listed below), to assist in providing services as described in our Terms of Service or a similar services agreement customers may have signed with us.


Omnibuz partners with organizations that like itself adhere to global standards and regulations.


As part of Omnibuz’ revised Terms of Service & Privacy Notice for compliance, Omnibuz provides all EU customers a data processing addendum (DPA) that covers its obligations under the GDPR. It automatically applies to processing of EU personal data and no additional paperwork is required in this regard.


Omnibuz utilises both infrastructure and services specific vendors to provide product and services to its Controllers (Omnibuz customers) and end-users. The following is an up-to-date list (as of May 13, 2023) of names and purpose of Omnibuz’ sub-processors and 3rd-party vendors:


Amazon Web Services, Inc.

Primary cloud infrastructure provider for Omnibuz, where all SaaS applications are hosted. Almost all data stored, processed and transmitted through Omnibuz products and services resides on Amazon Web Services data centers.



Mailgun is used by Freshdesk Customer Success as an email service provider to deliver bulk email campaigns that are triggered programmatically from the product as well as for sending individual emails to end-users


Redis Labs Ltd.

Database service provider that is hosted within Omnibuz AWS cloud. The vendor monitors the service performance and availability.


MongoDB Atlas

Database service provider that is hosted within Omnibuz AWS cloud. The vendor stores necessary data for managing customer data and resources for marketing automation.



For letting the user to book a meeting with the Omnibuz’ onboarding teams to set up their account


Google LLC (Analytics)

Firebase Analytics helps us understand performance and usage metrics of our iOS and Android apps, thereby allowing us to optimize the apps performance to provide a better app experience for the users.


Google LLC (Fonts)

Google Fonts is a catalog of open-source fonts and icons, which makes it easy to integrate expressive types and icons seamlessly.

Last updated on 13th May 2023